v.1.3 Beta 1 will include (under development):

– I would like to use thttpd to run the CGis.
– Move folder to /mnt instead of /mnt/Share
– Quick access to phpMyAdmin for MySQL management from Service Switch menu
– Add new functions and software (I will be happy to receive suggestions)
– iPhone and iPod Touch, web access 🙂
I’m working on it. Please, feel free to send me suggestions.


v.1.2.3 Final:

I do not expect to add new functions to the final version.
I am running the Beta6 RC1 for a time and I solved the problems and added the comments reported by users.
Beta 6 RC1 content is the same than Final release.
Minor changes:
– Transmission settings are stored and showed in “Transmission Setup”
– ML Donkey settings are stored and showed in “ML Donkey Setup”
– Improved ML Donkey Config, to allow to change all versions of the downloads.ini (tested with 3.0.5 and 3.0.7)
– Improve Package Manager to allow to install and uninstall
– Package Manager includes NAS Applications: Apache, MySQL 3.23.58, MySQL 4.1.22, Digital Media Server 1.0.2851, Mediatomb 0.1.0, ML Donkey 3.0.7, iTunes Server (mt-daapd 0.2.4), Telnet Service & Transmission 2.13

Download: Nas-01g_NAS_Configurator v1.2.3 Final
Service switchSystem InfoMLDonkeyMLDonkey SetupTransmissionTransmission SetupPack Manager

More info: NAS Configurator 1.2.3 Final post

v.1.2.3 Beta 6 RC1 includes:

– ML Donkey WebUI access and ML Donkey Setup will be available when application is installed
– Transmission WebUI access and Transmission Setup will be available when application is installed
– Nas-01G Menu Skin for WebUI could be applied from Service Switch menu
– Status menu will link to phpSysInfo
– Changed ‘Status’ image to ‘System Info’ image on menu
– Updated iTunes access in “Switch service” to run and stop the iTunes Server installed with package manager
– Instead of Apache, I will use thttpd to run NAS Configurator. It is lighter and faster than Apache, but the compatibility with php applications is limited. For users that need Apache, it could be installed using ‘Package Manager’. Then Apache will replace thttpd, to avoid conflicts and run 2 http servers.

Download: Nas-01g_NAS_Configurator v1.2.3b6

v.1.2.3 Beta 5 includes:

– Switch services Menu allow to apply a patch for MAC users with problems when a file is transferred.
– Compatible with Mldonkey 3.0.7 – but not with previous versions (to be solved in new releases)

Download: Nas-01g_NAS_Configurator v1.2.3b5

v.1.2.3 Beta 4 includes:

– Compatible with Mldonkey 3.0.5
– Transmission setup menu
– Improved MLDonkey setup menu (including allowed ips option)
– Service switcher menu to check status and “start and stop” services
– Start up services after reboot
– Reduced space used by Menu Skin in NAS memory ( pictures moved from /htdocs folder to /mnt/www folder) and pictures size
– Compatibility with NAS01G similar devices

Download: Nas-01g_NAS_Configurator v1.2.3b4

v.1.2.3 Beta 3 includes:
Download: Nas-01g_NAS_Configurator v1.2.3b3

v.1.2.3 Beta 2 includes:
Download: Nas-01g_NAS_Configurator v1.2.3b2

v.1.2.3 Beta 1 includes:

– Changed application name: NAS-01g Menu Skin is now NAS-01g NAS Configurator
– Added a Main Menu that allow to go to default NAS WebUI or to Applications Setup
– NAS-01G Menu skin for NAS WebUI finished


– Added a new access to Transmission Setup
– Information about the running services in NAS.
– Apache and php configured with port 80
– mlnet with webui port 4080
– transmission with webui port 9091
– PCI Firmware 3.33 is required, because Menu Skin uses the the DLNA cgi included in this firmware.

Download: Menu Skin v1.2.1 en


– Added 2 shortcut buttons to access to MLDonkey WebUI and Transmission WebUI.
– Spanish version discontinued
– Requires to have installed and running mlnet (with webui port 4080) and/or transmission (with webui port 9091), otherwise shortcut will not work.

Download: Menu Skin v1.1 en


Menu Skin includes new backgrounds and buttons images to NAS-01G WebUI.
Keeps the same functionality than NAS-01G firmware 3.33.
An also includes additional information in status screen, shows CPU type, Linux version, MAC Address and HD size.
No special requirements just to have PCI NAS Firmware 3.33 installed.

Download English version: Menu Skin v1.0 en
Download Spanish version: Menu Skin v1.0 sp

More info about the project in Soho NAS forum